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"Bridging together two worlds as one"


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Two Mediums, Two Worlds

UK Psychic Detective


Returning March 2018-Sydney

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Individual Readings

Due to the overwhelming number of requests for individual readings, I have established a fair system for all these requests. Given I work full-time and dedicate my evenings for public mediumship events for mass healing, I dedicate one Saturday every few months (Psychic Saturday) for individual readings. To be eligible for these readings, you must:

1) Attend one of the mediumship events in Sydney (Drummoyne), Central Coast (Davistown)
 or Newcastle (Wallsend);
2) Place your first name in the contact box at the event for an individual reading;
3) If you are drawn from the barrel in the upcoming months, you will be invited for a free one hour individual reading with your loved ones.

 I thank you all for being patient and trust that if you are meant to be read, spirit will guide my hands to draw you out.

 If you wish, you can obtain a paid reading from the following psychics. It is important to note these are only referrals volunteered to you for the benefit of your healing. Louise Hermann is not responsible for the outcome of any consultation. Thanks for understanding:

Sydney:Georgina Walker:www.georginawalker.com or Christine Morgan www.christinemorgan.com.au

Central Coast:Michael Wheeler:www.psychicoranges.com

Newcastle:Love n Light at East Maitland, Phone:02 4934 2984 or

Angels on the Lake at Warners Bay, Phone:02 4947 4580



Sunshine Coast:http://www.lyndapalai.com.au/

Brisbane/Gold Coast:http://universalgoddess.com.au/ or http://www.garyclairvoyantmedium.com

Hobart-Wishing well on 03 6234 5187


"Do not worry about the road ahead of you, only the path you are paving now."

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