Louise Hermann-Spiritual Medium

"Bridging together two worlds as one"


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Two Mediums, Two Worlds

UK Psychic Detective


Returning March 2018-Sydney

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The DVD is $20.00 plus postage.  It can also be purchased at events.

After more than 300 public demonstrations, Louise has completed a DVD connecting with loved ones in the spirit world in front of a live audience. It has been produced in a filming theatre in Sydney with the assistance of a video production company. Louise provides evidence that we do survive the process of physical death through names, descriptions, passing and personal details she could possibly not have known of those in the spirit world. Behind the scenes footage of Louise, interviews of those read as well as feedback afterwards from a live audience are also included.


Running Time:106 minutes with a rating of Mature Audience. Here is some footage of Reading 1 and Reading 2 (of 9 readings).


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