Louise Hermann-Spiritual Medium

"Bridging together two worlds as one"


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Two Mediums, Two Worlds

UK Psychic Detective


Returning March 2018-Sydney

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 Louise has conducted more than 700 public audience demonstrations.

Here is some footage of an evening of mediumship from the DVD:

"Louise Hermann Live":

Reading 1

Reading 2

 Celebrating more than 700 public demonstrations of Connecting with the other side-"Louise Hermann Live"

 "What I share with you is a divine lighthouse from spirit, a selfless non-judging beacon to guide you all through the troubled waters of life. Take this guidance with love and all truth and allow yourself to also shine".

As an evidential medium, it is always my pleasure to serve the spirit world and be the voice of your loved ones. The purpose of mediumship is to provide healing and proof of consciousness that your loved ones survive the process of physical death and continue to live in spirit form.

I understand the importance of providing evidence that you have spoken to your loved ones in the spirit world through my readings. I work hard with the spirits to provide this evidence through identification (names, ages, descriptions), events, personal details and above all, a healing message of love.

This work would be impossible without the love and support of the helpers here on the earth plane as well as "Team Spirit", my guardians in the spirit world. Both these teams are pillars on each side of this bridge which links the two worlds together. I extend my grace and gratitude to you all as well as the senders and recipients of all spirit messages across this healing pathway.

Love and Light
Louise Hermann

©2009 Sunday, February 18, 2018